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SailWeek Academy was established by SailWeek Ltd. in need of the skilled staff who can answer the call of this fun, challenging and responsible industry.

Doesn't matter if you've never stepped on the boat or you're already a certified skipper, SailWeek Skipper Academy offers you complete training courses, giving some extra attention to the customer care services on board.

Nowadays, interpersonal skills, teamwork and communication skills are the top of priorities in every industry. We offer a new, dynamic and fun way of training.
Sailing Basiccourse Adjusting SailsLearn to sail
Trimming Sails
SailWeek Croatia Raft Summer Swimming Afternoon
All the skills needed to become a professional skipper are going to be gained one-on-one from our highly qualified, professional certified skipper instructors.

Everything on board will be detailed explained and demonstrated by our sailing instructors. You will go through all possible scenarios and you will have to apply your knowledge to the given situation. Your instructors will guide you through exercises, tips and tricks, giving you constant feedback until you are ready to fully take over the control.

After successfully finishing SailWeek Academy, job opportunity will be given to the best graduates. New skippers will spend majority of their first season working for SailWeek before having the opportunity to move onto private charters.
SailWeek Academy
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SailWeek Academy is the part of SailWeek Ltd. whose registered office is located at 2nd Floor, Nucleus House, 2 Lower Mortlake Road, Richmond TW9 2JA, United Kingdom.
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