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Hostess Academy

SailWeek Hostess Academy offers a one-week training course where an individual will gain knowledge about the main hostess’ tasks on yachts. The course will cover the entire preparation for working and living on the yacht for a season and most importantly, the course brings all the tips and tricks needed for cooking and hosting but also for handling the relationship between crew members and guests.

Which opportunitties bring graduating from SailWeek Hostess Academy?

Minimum four weeks of work for SailWeek
Earn from 400 to 900€ per week plus tip*
All living expenses paid while working
Hosting on sailboats and catamarans from 40 to 64 feet length
*Read more details about our Pay Scheme.

A day in a hostess life

The easiest said, a hostess role is primarily providing good vibes and keeping a guest’s bellies full.
Every day, from hostess is expected to make breakfast and lunch along with keeping the boat clean, ship-shape. With the arrival of evening, a hostess can join guests for a dinner on land.

The hostess is expected to work alongside a skipper with up to ten guests on the board, helping the skipper when needed.
With all the work on and around the boat, one of the most important hostess’ tasks is providing guests with the amazing memories and a week they will never forget.

We encourage each hostess to give guests an unforgettable holiday by keeping the good vibe and always promoting the fun.
As simple as it gets, right?

Hostess Course

2024 Dates & Pricing coming soon
15 – 22 April CLOSED
Course price for 2023: €900 
Location:  Central Dalmatia (Split region)
Payment plan:  3 instalments
  • €90 (48 hours after getting your confirmation mail)
  • €360 (35 days after the first payment)
  • €450 (30 days before the course)
Last-minute application are considered all the application within 30 days before the course. 
For applications made within 30 days before the course, the total amount is due when making a application.
  • Assumed knowledge in the kitchen
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Language skills: Fluent in English
  • Great attitude and team player
  • Minimum duration: 7 days
Course summary
  • Culinary experience
  • New recipes
  • Use of boat kitchen
  • The basics of sailing
  • Ropework
  • Assisted docking and anchoring
  • Guest management
  • Boat cleaning
  • Safety awareness
  • First aid
  • Communication skills and teamwork
  • Preparation for SailWeek
During the week we will be monitoring your behavior patterns, work ethic, attitude and people skills.

After finishing your training academy your knowledge and skills will be evaluated by one of our instructors. Extra attention will be on:
  • Food presentation - We want to see that it looks as good as it taste.
  • Food taste - That you can wow us with your flavours.
  • Kitchen time keeping - That everything can be made on time.
  • Cleanliness and hygiene - To make sure to boat is in shipshape.
  • Sailing and mooring - That you can help your skipper.
  • Safety procedures - In case of emergencies you know what to do.
  • Communication skills and teamwork - That you can cut it as part of the SailWeek team.

NOTE: To maintain objectivity, an instructor who gives evaluation of your skills and knowledge will not be the same instructor who was leading you through the programme of the academy.

The Goal/Outcome
During the week we will teach you everything that will help you become a great hostess under the individual guidance of your instructor. Our Goal is to turn you into a professional and well trained hostess. Not only with the ability to whip up delicious meals but to assist maneuver and sail a boat and on top of that also have great communication with guests and be confident in yourselves and your ability as a hostess.

After completing this course, we are confident that you will be able to:

  • Whip up a storm in the kitchen
  • Meal plan for a week
  • Prepare stunning food plates
  • Cook with new recipes
  • Have Basic boat knowledge
  • Assist docking and anchoring a sailboat
  • Have full boat hygiene knowledge
  • Handle guests and situations that arise
  • Have a lot more sea knowledge then before the course

What's Included

  • 7/14 days sailing in Croatia
  • Accommodation on board the course yacht
  • Course ingredients for cooking
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Sheets, blankets, and towels
  • Course materials and SailWeek hostess handbook
  • Tourist tax & end final boat cleaning

Additional Costs

  • Travel to Split, Croatia
  • Transfer to the marina
  • Food and beverages for the week
  • One group dinner ashore mid-week


● Check out the frequently asked questions

Pay Scheme

● Learn about earning
Pay scheme

Sail & Work

For the candidates who successfully finish SailWeek Hostess Academy we promise at least four weeks of work for SailWeek. During those four weeks you'll get the opportunity to show us everything you learned through the Academy.
After that, based on the demand and overall skills, you may get offered more work from SailWeek.
Hostesses operate as freelance contractors and can accept or reject any work we offer.
  • Minimum 4 weeks of work for SailWeek
  • All living expenses paid while working
  • Earn up to €900 + tip per week
  • Sailing yachts from 40 to 64ft


We guarantee 4 weeks of work with SailWeek after you successfully finish the course.
Please note:
  • Not all the four working weeks are guaranteed to be in the same year, this depends on the booking situation.
  • Based on the demand and overall skills, you may get offered more work from SailWeek.
  • Hostesses operate as freelance contractors and can accept or reject any work we offer.

Ready to go?

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